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We offer professional consulting services and solutions to build high performing and significant organizations. All our solutions can be customized to fit the needs of your organization and are aimed to activate the higher calling of your business. All our consultants are highly qualified and have many years of business experience. Our consulting services include organizational reformation, organizational diagnostics, psychometric assessments, and management consulting. Want to activate the higher calling of your business? Book your service today.










 Organizational reformation is a consulting service to activate the higher calling of your business. It includes three general phases, namely preparation, implementation, and sustainability. 

Preparation Phase:

During the preparation phase, the higher purpose of the organization is discovered and an organizational values framework and organizational greed are established. 

Implementation phase:

During the Implementation phase, the leadership team of the organization is equipped to implement the higher purpose and values within the organization and to drive organizational reformation. 

Sustainability phase:

During the sustainability phase, the business processes, systems, and policies are aligned to support the higher calling of the organization. 

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We offer organizational diagnostic solutions to diagnose the current climate and culture of your business with the aim to implement suitable interventions to enhance people and organizational performance and effectiveness. Our organizational climate and culture assessment evaluates the following employee outcomes, drivers, and risks:

Employee outcomes:

  • Work engagement levels

  • Organizational citizenship behavior 

  • Stress-related ill health levels

  • Employee health and lifestyle

  • Employee turnover intention

Employee drivers:

  • Workload

  • Emotional load

  • Mental load

  • Performance management

  • Person-job fit

  • Perceived competence

  • Employee growth and development

  • Supervisory relationships

  • Role clarity

  • Communication

  • Adequacy of physical resources

  • Employee relationships

  • Career paths

  • Remuneration

  • Leave and overtime

Employee risks:

  • Employee turnover risk

  • Safety risks

  • Productivity risk

After diagnosis, we deliver a comprehensive diagnostic report and recommend suitable interventions to enhance people and organizational effectiveness and performance. We can also provide management workshops to explain the results and to establish customized interventions. 

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We offer a variety of psychometric assessments for the purposes of recruitment, selection, and development. Our qualified industrial and organizational psychologists provides personal and management feedback after all assessments. 

Our professional assessment portfolio includes:

  • Personality assessments

  • Ability assessments

  • Leadership assessments

  • Emotional intelligence assessments

  • Values assessments

  • Workplace risk and integrity assessments

  • Career interest assessments

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We offer a selection of management consulting services such as strategic planning sessions, improvement workshops, policy and procedure development, and general management consulting.

Strategic planning sessions:

Strategic planning sessions are aimed at discovering the higher purpose and calling of your business and to translate that higher purpose into a formal business strategy. Specific actions to implement the strategy in the business are also set during the session. 

Improvement workshops:

The purpose of improvement workshops is to review and improve the products, services, processes, policies, and systems of the organization. It utilizes a stop, start, and continue framework to establish an action plan to improve a specific product, service, process, policy, or system in the organization.

Policy and procedure development:

Need help to develop, review, or update a policy or procedure in your organization? Save some valuable time and let one of our experts assist you to develop a professional policy or procedure for your business. 

General management consulting:

Do you need expert guidance to improve your business or to solve complex problems? All our consultants are highly qualified and have amble business experience to help improve your business. We also tailor-made our management consulting services to meet your specific needs. 

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