The Wisdom Fountain

A growing online library of leadership wisdom

A leadership crisis is still evident in the world despite numerous leadership theories, thousands of leadership books, and billions spent on leadership development. Two main reasons for this leadership crisis are: (1) self-serving leadership approaches are taught in business schools, universities, and corporate academies; and (2) ineffective learning techniques are often used to train leaders.  

The Wisdom Fountain is an online platform that cultivates servant leaders and servant organizations using multiple learning methods such as micro-learning, social learning, electronic learning, and experiential learning. It is also a community platform for servant leaders to share knowledge, events, and insights. 

The Wisdom Fountain consists of a growing library of servant leadership content such as:

  • Articles 

  • Application resources

  • E-books 

  • Online coaching

  • Webinars

  • Community platform

  • Masterclasses (coming soon)

  • Podcasts (coming soon)


The Wisdom Fountain uses micro, social, and electronic learning methods to transfer and embed knowledge; application resources to apply the knowledge; and coaching to transform leadership behavior.

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