Wisdomy was founded by Dr. Michiel Frederick Coetzer in 2017 with the general aim of empowering leaders to lead the world better.  As with the most people, Dr. Coetzer also experienced the devastating consequences of poor and ineffective leadership in business, government, and society and was therefore determined to discover a more appropriate leadership approach that could serve the world better.


With this intent, Dr. Coetzer initiated a PhD study in which he discovered servant leadership and witnessed the significant results that this leadership approach produced for people, businesses and society. Dr. Coetzer was determined to share this knowledge with leaders and to empower others to lead people and organizations more effectively. After validating the foundational theory, the next step was to make the theory practical and applicable. It was during this process that Wisdomy was founded. 

Today, Wisdomy is known as an international company that empowers leaders and organizations with unique wisdom to lead more effectively and to build significant organizations. 


The purpose of Wisdomy is to empower leaders with organizational, leadership, and people wisdom to build effective, growing, and meaningful organizations that create significant value to society.


Wisdomy achieves this purpose by providing leadership development, organizational development, content development and consulting services that are scientifically valid, meaningful, relevant, and easily applicable.


In short, Wisdomy empowers leaders and organizations with wisdom.


Our vision is to cultivate servant leaders, significant organizations, and sustainable societies in the world.  




Our conduct is highly ethical and moral



We are honest and trustworthy


We succeed in things that matter


We do things purposefully and intentionally


We provide high quality and significant value


We are creative, professional, wise, and capable

We genuinely care, understand, and are compassionate


We are kind, generous, and forgiving

We are altruistic