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We believe the world is in dire need of more effective leaders and more significant organizations. It is for this reason that we aim to research and develop new products and services to cultivate servant leaders and to reform organizations to a higher calling.  

Wisdomy (Pty) Ltd was founded with the following vision in mind:

To provide wisdom by making new knowledge applicable in the current context to (a) grow and activate servant leaders, (b) build high performing and significant organizations, and to (c) create a caring society while (d) protecting the environment.

Our mission is to deliver affordable learning, coaching, and consulting services that are scientifically sound and easily applicable. We operate by the values of kindness, purposefulness, integrity, and excellence to serve the needs and calling of our clients and partners.

We render service internationally and do most of our work online or at the client’s premises. All our consultants, facilitators, and coaches are highly qualified and have many years of business experience. We focus intensively on understanding the needs of our clients to customize a solution that is best fit for their current context.  

Are you ready to take your business to a higher level? Do you want to activate your higher calling in life? Call us today to start your new journey to higher significance in business and life.